Ken McCoy 2019

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35 years of writing from imagination, life experiences and delivered from the heart. From this man, father, son, brother and friend comes                                a Storyteller.

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Ken is an award winning Singer/Songwriter and entertainer with a career spanning over 3 decades. He is a Story teller who's music connects with the listener through  lyrics that are thought provoking, heartfelt and real, like he has lived each song . 


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Second Wind for limited time. 

The story behind the song. 
Second Wind is the latest single from the new album released to radio this month. Here is the story behind the song and it is actually a true story. I was at my sons Lucas's baseball game. I was standing behind the dugout listening to Lucas talk to his teammates. Now they were losing badly like 13 to 1 with only a inning to go. Lucas spoke up and said to his teammates "come on guys we can beat these guys". One of his teammates said "you don't actually think we can win" and Lucas's response was "I liked to think we can". I thought that was amazing coming from ( at the time ) a 14 year old kid. Lucas then got up to bat and put one over the left fielders head. Not a homer but damn close. 
This inspired me a lot when I got home I started writing down some lyrics and they came fast. I decided the first verse was about Lucas and the second would be about his twin sister Tannah. 
Tannah is an amazing dancer and she worked hard at it , but she was having a tough time at the dance studio she was at because of the main teacher and how they had their favourites and she was not one of them. She fought through it she never gave up, She then moved to a different studio and became the dance captain her first year there. 
The last verse ( bridge)I decided to turn it around and make it about me and how my youngest Adam gives me the strength even when I am out of gas and about family no matter what your situation is and how they can keep you going.

Here is some amazing news about the song Second Wind . The song was entered into the International Songwriting Competition and has made it into the semi finals. Thank you to the ISC and everyone over the years for the support to keep me writing and doing what I love to do.

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