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Ken McCoy

Lead Vocals, Guitars and Mandolin


​In 1985 Ken quit his job and hit the road playing music. He has never looked back. To date, he has written hundreds of songs and recorded and released numerous singles to radio that hit the charts in several countries including Canada, Europe and Australia. Ken has written, produced and released 4 full-length projects. In 2004 Ken released "Prayin' for Rain" donating 100% of the sales of the CD single and airplay royalties to the Canadian Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

Ken performs everywhere from fairs, festivals, rodeos, one niters, clubs, casinos, corp shows and special events. With over 20 chart hitting singles released to radio to date, countless nominations and awards including SOCAN songwriter of the year and single of the year for “Prayin for Rain”. Ken’s tour schedule is never ending. He continues to write and record and tour. 

Tony Del

Lead guitar and Vocals


Tony is one the most under rated guitar players around, to hear him play you would swear he was born with a guitar in his hands. He joined the band in June of '96 and has helped add a whole new dimension to the show. Tony excels in all styles of music whether it is country, rock, blues or anything else you throw at him. He is known by fellow guitar players as having the best tone around. Tony has a very creative side to his playing, which opens new doors for original material as well as creating amazing live performances.

Craig Young (5 time winner of the CCMA guitarist of the year and lead guitarist for Terri Clark) say's "Tony is one of my favorite guitarist that I have ever heard and have ever had the pleasure to played with."

Love this shot!.jpg

Gary Grace

Drums and vocals


Originally from Southern Ontario Gary now resides in Vancouver BC. He is a multi-award winner, most recently having won the 2009 Roland V Drum National Championship which the finals where held at the Montreal Drum Festival. He has studied under some of the worlds greatest drum legends from New York to LA. Some of who are:  Joe Morello, Jim Chapin, Al Miller, Moe Slutsky, Jim Petersak, Ed Thigpen, Dom Famularo etc....    Gary has performed many drum clinics and shared the stage with drummers such as,  Virgil Donati, Marvin Smitty Smith, Chris Coleman, Teddy Cambell.Tony Royster Jr. , Rodney Holmes, Alex Acuna and many others. He plays and has played with the following acts.....Prism(who he stills presently tours with) Harlequin, Nick Gilder and Sweeny Todd,  Farmers Daughter,  Jeff Berlin, Mike Stern, Dave Martone(Also presently performing with) to mention a few! Gary also spends a great deal of time teaching and recording when not on tour. His teaching skills are tremendous and his "On Fire" style of drumming is exciting and something not to be missed!

Jay Wittur

Bass Guitar, Standup Bass, Vocals

Jay has been playing and touring for over twenty years and has performed with Acts like Doug and the Slugs, Joe Staples Band, Wildcard and The Dave Park Band. A student of the Institute of Communication Arts Jay brings with him a mountain of talent. He plays a 5 string Bass and fretless bass as well as the stand up bass (The doghouse bass).

Jay's amazing voice helps round out the harmonies and well as lead vocals. His pull my finger sense of humour always has everyone in a light mood. Pair him up with a great drummer and you have a solid foundation for every song. Now a veteran of the band, he has great dynamics, from bass to vocals and is a true asset.


Steve Ohe

Guitars and Vocals


Steveo has been a member of the band since 2013 when he helped out in the absence of Tony when Tony fell ill . Since then he has been with band help it round out with his amazing guitar and vocals . He has toured Canada and the US over the years . He too is one the most unrated guitarist and his style and energy keeps the band moving forward. Steveo also has a great sense of humour which keeps the band laughing .

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