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Demo's a work in progress

"Welcome to our demo page where you can listen to new songs that haven't been professionally recorded yet. If you like what you hear, you can purchase the song for a donation. the cool thing is once the song is recorded we will take down from this page and it will be on longer available anywhere. So you can be one of the few to own the demo version. Your contribution will help us get into the studio to record it professionally. Please note that these songs are protected under copyright law."


There is  starting donation of 2 dollars but you can donate whatever you like  

We do use PayPal to collect donations but if you do not prefer to use PayPal contact us and we will be glad to setup an email transfer or another way to collect your contribution. 


We will be posting more songs as they become available so check back for updates 


Story behind the song:

I wrote "Take a Chance With Me" for my girlfriend Christy, I have never been the best at writing love songs but she makes it easy. 

Take a Chance with Me 

They say it’s better to have loved and lost 

Then never loved at all 

When I saw you love was all I could see 

Now here I stand with my heart in my hand 

Hoping you’ll take that chance with me 


I’d give up everything for a second of your love 

And give it back for eternity 

If you choose you have nothing to lose 

So take a chance with me. 


Take a chance with me 

It just might be  

If we don't try will never know 

Take a chance with me 

And we can see 

How far forever can go. 


Love is worth the risk 

Of losing yourself 

In some else's heart 

If that's what they say 

I don’t mind losing my way 

Finding was the best part 


So what will you do 

When love calls for you 

Let's see what could be 

Here I am with my heart in my hand  

Will you take a chance with me 



For Christy 

Music and lyrics by KenMcCoy Feb 2 2021  

Thanks Mom 

You were there to lift me up every time that I fell down 

Then you taught me to pick myself up off of the ground 

Every time you cheered me on in everything I did

You weren’t afraid to show your pride 

And yell hey that’s my kid. 


Thanks Mom you’re always there for me.

Sharing your love unconditionally 

You helped me to be everything that I’ve become. 

From the bottom of my heart thanks Mom.


You held my hand when my whole world fell apart 

told me I would be ok from my first broken heart 

You told me I could fly and chase my dreams everyday

You showed me life’s an open road then let me find my own way 


Thanks Mom you’re always there for me.

Sharing your love unconditionally 

You helped me to be everything that I’ve become. 

From The bottom of my heart thanks Mom.


When I left home you must of thought I didn’t need you anymore 

I sure it must of broke your heart when I walked out the door 

There are times when I don’t call cause life gets in the way 

Just remember you’re always with me every single day 


Thanks Mom you’re always there for me.

Sharing your love unconditionally 

You helped me to be everything that I’ve become. 

From the bottom of my heart thanks Mom.

From the bottom of my heart…thanks Mom 

Music and Lyrics Written by Ken McCoy 

Story behind the song

Thanks Mom was obviously written for my Mom. I have to thank Dave Harris an old guitar of mine for the idea behind writing this song . He wrote a song called give them their flowers, the meaning behind his song was show someone you appreciate them before they are gone. So give them there flowers now not after so they can't enjoy them. 

So I wanted to give my mom her flowers now. ( My mom is fine she's not dying).  So that's why I wrote Thanks Mom.  

Better Than This 

I'm  a country boy homegrown

I don't even own a cell phone

There's no cable here or Internet


I live out in the back woods 

I'm a little misunderstood

I can show you a time you won't forget


So leave your big city lights and your troubles behind

Cause out here your worries are no big deal

Sit back and relax and betcha find

A little taste of what is real 



We got moonshine, apple pie 

Stars lighting up the sky 

It's something that you don't want to miss


We got hound dogs, shot guns

Skinny dipping, git er done 

It's Bona fide country bliss  

Life don't get any better than this 



We got hardcore sweat tea 

Goodyear hanging from a tree 

Bare footin it all day long 


Them catfish jumpin'

ZZTop is a thumpin'

we know all the words to every song 


There's no need to take the 4 wheel down to the lake 

Just Open the back door and jump right in 

We ain't gotta a lot but we got 

Will make your head spin 

we got 





If you need to get back to roots 

let down your hair and kick off your boots

Throw on some jeans and untuck that shirt 

follow that highway till it turns to dirt

And some 


The Story Behind the Song 

This Song actually started out as a joke. Steve Ohe the co writer on this song and I were talking about how all the new country songs on the radio sounded like someone trying to rewrite Fishin in the Dark. So we thought we would give it shot for fun. We gave the song a swampy feel and it turned out pretty good. The lyrics are a little tongue a cheek but it works lol 

The Story Behind the Song : 

Anyone who has ever been to Mexico knows you can become addicted to it very easily. Sometimes you go and you never want to leave. That's what this songs about. Getting away from it all and not wanting to go home. But we always do. 

Addicted to Mexico

I’m addicted to Mexico 

I can't help it I got to go

It's adios to the cold and snow

I’m addicted to Mexico


Yeah I’m addicted to Mexico

Cancun or ol Cabo

Now It's  Hasta luego

Me voy a Mexico 


Last thing I remember I was boarding the plane

Heading for some fun in the sun

everything getting too insane

And Mexico was a good place to run


Now I'm sitting by the pool just soaking it in

NoBody here takes no mind to me 

I’m suckin on a little tequila and lime 

Thinking this is how life should be 




I’m is hooked on the sun 

And that Ocean breeze 

I'm getting high off that warm salt air

Those senoritas are giving me the shakes 

Think I'm headed for intensive care 


Mexico has become my itch

the side effects I didn't foresee 

if I don’t head home soon

This overdose just might kill me 



Half chorus 


Feb 18 2017 ©Ken McCoy 2017

Story Behind the Song:

The one person who has held me back the most is myself. Ive always had a hard time believing in myself like I'm sure a lot of musicians do. That is what this song is about. 

Hold on Me 

Hold on Me

I’m going down to the Railway Junction gonna Hop a train and roll away

Gonna leave this town Far behind me Will I return ? Well maybe someday

Gonna see the world and find my fortunes
Live by the sea and watch the sun go down Gonna find all my dreams at the end of this dirt road
Now if I could only find the nerve to leave this town
This towns gotta hold on me
so many times I’ve tried to break free
I find it hard to believe
That is town’s gotta hold on me.

I was born just around the corner
on a street shaded by trees
I lose myself in Imagination
I would float home on a warm summer breeze

So many mountains that I could be climbing so many seas that I could sail
so many roads I could be walking
So many fears that I would fail

I guess it’s time for me to face it
Where will I go where will I stay
so I’m going down to the Railway Junction in a hop a train and roll away

This town never had a hold on me I faced my fears and broke free I still can’t believe
I had a hold on me

I guess I had a hold on me.

Story Behind the Song :

I was talking to Christy on the phone and said I need you you're like a drug. The next day I wrote You're my Cocaine and I told her I wrote a new song and she new what it was before I played for her. 

You're My Cocaine

You're  my cocaine It's hard to explain 

What you do to my soul Spins me out of control 

You're a natural high a drug I can't buy

You run thru my veins Making me go insane 

You're my cocaine 


I Get stoned on your love 

I've become addicted to you. 

I only took one hit 

Now there's nothing that I can do 


You've got me hooked 

With no desire to be freed 

Your all I want 

And everything I'll ever need 




You got me under your thumb 

I'm feeling a little bit numb 

I can never get enough 

I want overdose on your love  



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