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All my music is available for free. Please help me spread the word as I would like to get my music out to everyone.  I don't want anything for it, no email address, no money, unless you want to make a donation for the songs  or sign up to the mailing list but that's up to you. If you do it's greatly appreciated.  Feel free to share this with your friends and family. Either way just enjoy the songs. 

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Retro 91 

Here is a song that was off one of my early projects called the Real McCoy. This song is called Lets Get Drunk Tonight and has a real Canjun feel to it. The story is pretty much in the title, it about a couple with nothin better to do sooooo. It's kind of fitting considering the situation everyone is in with COVID 19. Well this is a freebie feel free to share and download. This song is not available anywhere else. Not Spotify Apple Music etc... Just Here ! And it FREE! 

Thank you to the all those who donated their time and talent to this project. Please if you download this song please make a donation to any charity that is helping out those on the frontline. 

Soren Lonnqvist at Studio Downe Under who engineered and mixed the recording 

Craig Young Electric guitar

Matthew Atkins Drums 

John Dymond Bass guitar

Jay Buettner Acoustic guitar

Christy Turncliff BG Vocals 

Darryl Havers Piano

John Ellis Dobro 

Craig Waddell at Gotham city studios for Mastering

Joe Wood at RDR Music