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                                                    I Am The Flame

Call me what you want, say I’m to blame 

I’ll take what spark is left,  and turn it into a flame. 

You can’t hold me down, just let me go

One breath is all I need, to burn  out of control 



I am the fire 

No one can tame  

Feel my heat of desire

I am the flame 


I am the fire 

you can’t contain 

hotter and higher 

I am the flame 

I am the flame. 



What I might have been, I will be 

The only one who can stop me now, can only be me. 

I will withstand the rain, tables I will turn 

Freedom will ignite my soul, and you can watch me burn 






I’ll start with loving me again 

With no self compromise 

From the ashes of this burn down heart

Like a phoenix I will rise



Written by Ken McCoy and Christy Turncliff

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