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               Second Wind


He stood there in the batters box

The count was 0 and 2 

All the Moms and Dads were watching

Thinking this boy he was through 


The winning run stood on 2nd base 

So he gave it all he got

He swung for the centre field fence 

And put it in the parking lot. 


He didn't give up No He didn't back down 

He stood tall like a hero 

with his feet dug in the ground 


He didn't want  to lose he had come to win

He took a deep breath and let it go

and found his second wind


She dances with her heart and soul 

to every single beat 

Hours she puts in can take its toll 

from her head down to her feet


At times she thinks it's too much 

Even For a kid her age

But she finds her breath in the spotlight 

standing centre stage. 


She didn't give up no she didn't back down 

she danced just like a summer breeze 

her feet barely touched the ground


She laid it all out she didn't hold it in 

She took a deep breath and she let it go

And found her second wind 


Now My little boy was tugging at my shirt 

Asking daddy are you ok?

I said buddy I'm just a little tired 

It's been a long hard day 



He gives me a hug and whispers daddy let's play 

and that's when I give in

when I've got nothing left

he's my second wind 


I am never giving up I will never back down

home is where my heart is 

and it's built on solid ground


I'm never going to lose even when I don't win 

My deep breath is the ones I love 

Their my second wind


May you ever give up Never back down 

when the odds are stacked against you  

 tear them to the ground 


You're  never going to lose even when You don't win

Take a  deep breath and let it go 

and find your second wind 


Tag twice


Music and Lyrics By Ken McCoy 

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