Dedicated to Everyone on the Frontline

This one is for all those working the frontline! After reading an article on a nurse in Quebec at a long term care home and seeing and reading about what is happening in New York and places like Italy I sat down and wrote this song yesterday. It is meant to say Thank you to the all those who are on the frontline. I wasn't sure if I should share it as it does have a couple of darker lines and it not meant to be looking at the negative, I was just looking at what it is. Thank you to everyone out there keeping things moving and helping those in need who need it most.

For John Prine

I took 22 of John Prine's song titles and pieces of lyrics from some of songs and wrote a song for him. 
the highlighted lyrics are song titles or pieces of them. 
John Prine was and always will be major influence in my songwriting. So Sad to see him go. 
The song is simply called John 

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