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It’s here!!!!! The new album Dead End Road Kid

The new album is finally here ! 3 years in the making!

It’s been a labour of love and well worth the wait.

Consisting of 14 original songs reaching over 50 minutes of music.

Track 1 Don’t Come Looking for Me a song about getting away from it all and finding your own paradise.

Track 2 Dead End Road Kid- raised on a Dead End Road in the 70s and 80s when things were different than today. Our whole street was a family. Events taken from my memories, we were so lucky to grow up there and in that time.

Track 3 Where Lights Don't Shine - Living far from the city, living simple and enjoying life is what this songs about.

Track 4 Second Wind- After watch my kids I learned they had a desire to never give up, this inspired me and this song came fast and easy to me.

Track 5 Good Love- One thing about being on the road the one true desire at the end of it is going home and when you have good love waiting you want to get home fast as you can.

Track 6 After the Stone - A song about someone trying to find something in there life and meets a person who's pain shows them the way. I always wondering how people get into the places they are in specially those who are addicts, this is one of those stories.

Track 7 Whole Lotta Nothin' Being happy with nothin'

Track 8 Take Me to The Highway- hitting the road after a long day of work to find a little freedom

Track 9 Anywhere But Here- A prison song without knowing its a prison song until the end Damn I guess I gave that one away!

Track 10 Stay - A feel good song with a reggae feel to it

Trank 11 I Will Ride - Trying to get home to that one person who doesn't give up on you.

Track 12 You Got the Best of Me- No matter how tough or cool you are there is that someone that just can bring you to your knees

Track 13 Sweet and Dangerous- Every man is looking for both in a woman or are we?

Track 14 Still Running- its about me but inspired from a friend, Just go and do it, find your road and start running

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