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New Album, First Single,New Website.

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Well a lot of new stuff coming up, launching the new website and a new album in the works! As well the first single released. Check out the single Don't Come looking for Me, on the website under Music and on the home page. I hope you will help us out buy sharing it, as well buying it, if you buy it you can purchase it here right on the website and 100 % goes to us ( no middle man, Spotify iTunes etc... ) You can also buy some of the older albums on the website as well. We hope to have the new album out this spring shooting for early May. I have some great players on this album, Craig Young on Guitar, mandolin and dobro (Terry Clark), Gary Grace Drums and Percussion ( Prism, Dave Martone), Mike Saynshyn on Mandolin, (He plays with everyone)

Jay Wittur on Bass ( Doug and Slugs) and so many more. I have some talented engineers working on the album too, Soren At Studio Downe Under and Chris Rolin at Rolinsound Studios , As well the first single was mastered by Dave McNair who is a 2 time grammy winner, unlike me as I am 10 time grammy watcher. Well stayed tuned for blogs about the album and special announcements coming like CD release parties and more, Check out the Music page and see how you can enter to win a custom made guitar too!

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