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Thank You

I’m feeling very excited as the album is done the mixing stage. It’s been sent off to be mastered and then off to be manufactured and ready for upload to be ready for the public for download and streaming. This has been a long process but it’s been soooooo worth it. I’m so pumped about these songs. There is so many people I have to thank the list is huge but they all deserve it if I forgot anyone I’m sorry and I will get it in there.

Soren Lonnqvist, Chris Rolin, Tony del Giglio, Craig Young, Gary Grace, Jay Wittur, Christy Turncliff Knapfl ,Steve Ohe, Mike Sanyshyn, David Barber, Nathan Bosch, Keith Bennett. Gord Maxwell, Adam McCoy, Ken and Lynda Bradley, Liz and Lance Steward, Doug Hubscher, Carol McCoy, Mark Filipovic, Kelly Turncliff, Hilly Edwards, Dean Mohr, Ben Lewis, Lill Lewis, Carrie Dallaway, Mitchell Weber, Charlene Kotowicz, Janine Boudreau, Dave McNair, Craig Waddell, Anne DeGiovanni, Craig Street brew pub, Red Arrow Brewing Co., Jakes at the Lake

Thank you for your talent and support and believing in me and my music.

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