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Guitar Giveaway

                 The Guitar Giveaway

On Nov 16 2019 we are drawing to give away this custom made guitar made by Tony Del. The guitar has been designed by Tony and is called a BARNCASTER! The theme behind the guitar is it is something you would find in a barn . Tony has burnt the wood, used old screws and even aged the metal parts to make them look weathered. He also embedded a old rooster bottle cap into the head stock. The guitar sounds great! 


Order the the new CD Dead End Road Kid!

Digital copy is 20 bucks from our site.

Hard copy is 35 bucks we will sign it and mail it to you.

Either way, your name goes into the draw on Nov 16. The winner will be contacted and posted here on our website . To enter send us and email at for more details

A BIG THANKS to Tony for his hard work on designing and building this guitar.

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